Iset's, a small Ural Rex cattey in Germany

The Ural Rex is one of the rare curly precious cats and one of the rarest breeds around the world. Their coat is silky smooth. The fantastic character makes this little tiger completely.



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Cattery owner: Bjoern Jaenicke (Dresden)

The Ural Rex (breed index: URX) is one of the newest recognized cat breeds and a little Exot in the Rex cat world. It is a medium sized cat with a short or medium long wavy coat, well muscled.
The development of the coat and the coulors black and tabby is different from any other rex breed. The waves are flexible ..... Please read more under "Coat".

The URX was recognized by the WCF at its 2006 General Assembly.

This cat breed with the peculiar appearance has a large perspective future. This avowed the foreign experts D. Hanson (GCCF, England), B. Higuchi (CFA, USA),
А Hackman (WCF, Germany), В Pepermans (Belgium).

This "Gremlin" has fascinated me with its charm and  beauty.
breeder and I import the first cats in 2007.

This is Volna Urala Sweet Aljonka; URX-var. / hybrid, female



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