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A Ural Rex from the eighties years.
I received the photo from Mrs I. Jaenicke.


The founder of the breed was the curly black bicolour cat "Vasilij" which was born in 1988, in Zarechniy not far from Svedlovsk, now Yekaterinburg.

MurkaHe was mated to his mother, a short-hair black-spotted with white cat with the traditional name "Mura", and in 1994 the black bicolour male "Bars" and the black spotted white female "Murka" were born. Later classic inbreeding schemes were used: Vasilij x Murka, the female cats from this mating were bred to Bars, Bars`s daughter to Bars again.

As result two aims were achieved: on the one hand, the live-stock of the Ural Rex was checked for carrying harmful anomalies and on the other hand the good qualities of the ancestors and the stable growth of the population were fixed in this breed.

To us it is very important that throughout the years of close inbreeding there were no anomalies found! The Ural Rex has excellent health. To broaden the gene pool, we use Celtic Shorthair (European Shorthair).

In the 90-s test matings with Cornish Rex and German Rex cats were carried out. As result kittens with normal, straight coat were born. This fact proves the genetic difference between the Ural and Cornish Rex mutation.

The Ural rex is seen more often in cat shows and charms everybody with it’s cheerful and balanced temperament, fine curly hair and unique exterior.

Nowadays in Yekaterinburg and its region the basic work with Ural Rex is taking place in the club "Grace" in the catteries "Ural Rex", "Fairy Tale", "Emerald" and by owners of individual females.

In 1997 T.S.Emelyanova took to Moscow two female cats, Merlusha and Bonny, and a male cat, Clide.  These cats were the foundation of the breed of the Ural Rex in Moscow.

text of Mrs. E.Fedorenko

The Ural rex was recognized by the WCF at its 2006 General Assembly.



The history in Germany

In june 2007 two Saxon breeders decided to join in this Russian Breed. In august of that year the first cats were imported to Germany. One curly female "Dorothea Uralochka" lives with Björn Jänicke, Cattery Iset’s, and her hybrid brother "Dimka"  lives with Kati Nierlein, Cattery vom Gut Mannewitz. Shortly after the third import arrived, their halfbrother "Eroshka Uralochka", who also lives in the Cattery vom Gut Mannewitz. These are the foundation cats for the Ural Rex breeding in Germany.

On 08.08.08, also World Cats Day, the first five hybrid kittens were born in Cattery vom Gut Mannewitz. Mother of the litter is a tri-colour domestic „Pinky-Isabell“.

In Februari 2009 the next litter of hybrids followed out of “Dorothea Uraloschka“ from the domestic black silver tabby male “Bahrain“.

Our small breedgroup would be happy to welcome more interested breeders, who are willing and able to be active in outcrossing. We are also looking for studowners.

The Ural Rex is very beloved at catshows, caused by their friendly and well-balanced nature, their fine curly coat and unique apearance.


The first kittens in Point. The coincidence ..... Cattery "Vogtlandpfötchen's"


the first breeder in the Netherlands. Cattery "Bolshoy's"



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