Iset`s Ural Rex: The coat



A new Rex gene!

FellstudieThe dense coat, with fine structure and double close-lying waves was achieved by generations of inbreeding, more-over this structure is now formed at a younger age. The kittens of the Ural rex have well expressed half-closed curl at the age of 3-4 months, but it turns into even waves later by 6-7 months.
 The development of the colour of the Ural Rex is also very interesting. The kitten hair has grayish hue, then in the period of the first moult it is very important to groom the kittens well because they moult not well enough and old grey hair may remain for a long time and it surely influences the quality of the curl and intensiveness of the colour.
 The coat of the grown-up cats in black and black tabby colours is oxidized easily and after 2 years acquires a brown hue in black and bright golden in black tabby cats on a dark background. This must be taken account with judging.

Because of their very short fur Ural Rexes do not shed much and require little grooming.

The coat of the kittens

 1 day

3 months


6 months

7 months



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